The Radical Happiness Plan

The Radical Happiness Plan

8 Week Online Course

Does Happiness Seem Out of Reach?

What If I Told You Everything You Have Been Taught About Happiness is wrong?

What If You Could Learn The Proven Science To Building Genuine Happiness That Lasts?

The Radical Happiness Plan Will Teach You Cutting Edge, Science Proven Skills, Techniques and Practices For a Life of Meaning, Satisfaction and Happiness.

A New Way to Build Happiness That Lasts

In my career as a Psychological Therapist I’ve met so many people who just wanted to be happy.

Many of them struggled with unwanted thoughts and feelings, lacked confidence, had poor self-esteem, or were too self-critical, while some lacked a sense of purpose or meaning in their lives. 

What they all had in common were the ways they tried to feel happy, or at least to not feel bad, meant they often did things to control their feelings that actually lead them to lives lacking vitality, meaning and satisfaction.

I’ve worked with countless people who were stuck. They knew what they were doing wasn’t working for them but they didn’t know what else to do. They kept doing the same thing with same result and they stayed stuck. Worse many of the strategies they used stopped them living the lives they wanted and they believed they were stuck forever.

It wasn’t true. Together we reversed it all. they stopped the struggle with difficult thoughts and feeling, gained confidence and reconnected with the important parts of their lives.

Proven Psychological Science

Through a radical form of behaviour therapy known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. There are now 1000s of clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness as a cutting edge approach to many emotional and psychological problems.

I truly believe that everyone can be helped to lead happier healthier and more satisfying lives. But for too many one to one therapy is out of reach and not everyone needs one to one psychological therapy.  They simply need to understand what works.

Then I had an idea: “what if I worked with a small group of people, no more than five at a time, and I helped them learn the skills that moved my clients lives forward?”

 “What if I could share deliver live skills and feedback sessions in an online group where people could choose to engage from the comfort of their home? “

“And what if I could provide support with questions & answers and discussions so that they could benefit from mine and each other’s experience on what works and each member only had to invest a tiny proportion of my usual fees to gain access to this revolutionary and radical approach to building lasting happiness?”

From there I created The Radical Happiness Plan.

Gain New Understanding and Learn Radical New Skills

I’ve put this experience, of helping countless people to gain confidence and thrive, in to building The Radical Happiness Plan where I teach cutting edge ACT to small groups who are ready to learn new ways to overcome distress and build lasting, authentic happiness.. Ways that work.


The Radical Happiness Plan builds understanding and skills over eight weeks with a new module each week. Each week will focus on a new area and skill that will build together over the course to give a whole new approach to happiness.

Each week will also have a live skills sessions delivered in the group online via Zoom. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. It’ll be saved and left for you to watch at any point during the course. You’ll have access to our private members group to discuss the course and you’ll have the ability to ask questions and join discussions with myself and other group members in between each skills session.

Happiness Can Be Learned
Stop Struggling. Start Living.

Harness the science to get unstuck from unworkable strategies and learn new ways to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  

Ways that work!


  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Unwanted Feelings
  • Self-Criticism
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Purpose


  • Lasting Happiness
  • A Life of Purpose
  • Real Confidence
  • Connection with Others
  • Help & Support Every Step of The Way
  • Science Proven Skills & Strategies

Ready To Learn To Be Happy?

Just £395!

(If you were to pay for 8 one to one sessions that would cost £960!) 


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