Psychological Therapy


Fast, Effective & Convenient. Accredited Psychological Therapy


Christian, BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), PGCE, PgDip, BABCP Accredited, provides high quality, evidence based and accredited Psychological Therapy to help you overcome distress and improve your ability to live and feel the way you want.  Utilising the latest in proven psychological science, Christian helps you address the underlying processes, that are the root causes of psychological distress, and create genuine lasting change.

Are you working hard while dreaming of building a more satisfying personal and professional life?

Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts or feelings, lack confidence, or find yourself unable to do the things you want to be doing?

Do you ever feel stuck, like there’s some invisible block to the life you want to be living?

Do you struggle to balance your personal and professional roles or feel like you might burn out?

Do you ever ask yourself if there is more to life than what you’re doing right now?

Does happiness always feel just out of reach?

Maybe you feel as though you’re not living the way you want to be living or achieving the things you want to be achieving?

Or maybe you feel frustrated that you’re doing the “right things”, having achieved an outwardly successful life, but never quite feeling satisfied or able to enjoy what you’ve achieved?

If any of that resonates with you, it’s likely that you could benefit from learning to change your relationship to your thoughts and feelings. To learn how to drop internal struggles, unworkable mental rules, and self defeating self-stories, which unconsciously limit your ability to take effective action, to connect you with a life that truly reflects your values and brings you the personal and professional success you want.

I Can Help You Make Lasting Change

Its normal to build unhelpful and unworkable beliefs from our experiences in life. They impact our behaviour every day. They may even have worked for you at one point in your life.  But eventually we reach plateaus, or circumstances change, and the learning that may have worked for us once starts to work against us.

Using proven science I will help you learn new, helpful, and workable ways to manage your thoughts and feelings, drop distress and mental struggle and freeing you from self-defeating psychological and behaviour patterns.

Would like to get unstuck from old learning, unworkable mental programming and self-defeating behaviours?

Would you like to drop the struggle with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to gain authentic confidence truly live your values in your personal and professional life?

I specialise in helping you resolve the unworkable negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that holding you back and finding new more workable ways to manage your mind and actions.

Imagine reconnecting your vitality, excitement and happiness.

Imagine stopping struggling and start thriving.

Imagine gaining the confidence to connect with the people, things and values that truly matter to you.

Imagine learning proven strategies to create a life of connection, purpose and happiness.

You really can achieve all of this, with proven cutting edge science.

If you’re ready to do what it takes to change your life then book your session with me now.

My Approach:

My approach is practical, developing the skills you need to tackle the issues you’re struggling with. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, approaches based on proven science, for reducing distress and improving your ability to get on with with your life in the way you want.

You can be assured of the utmost discretion, respect and professionalism in our work together.

How to Access Therapy

All sessions are delivered via Zoom (similar to Skype).  

Just click the link below and book you first appointment directly.


Fees are straightforward and are payable by bank transfer in advance.

As soon as you have booked your time slot you will receive an invoice directly to your email address along with your confirmation email of your appointment (please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t received it).

Individual sessions: £120 per 60 minute session.

If you would like to book in a block the following discounts are available. 

6 sessions paid in advance: 10% discount

12 sessions paid in advance 20% discount


Cancellations must be made 48 hours (2 working days) in advance or else the session will be charged (unless I can fill your session).