Are you ready for change?

Does happiness always feel just out of reach?
Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts & feelings?
Do you want to thrive in your career, relationships, & personal life?
Do you want to learn proven strategies to create a life of meaning, purpose & vitality?

I’m Christian, a Former British Army Clinician and Senior NHS Psychotherapist, working to help people like you drop distress, overcome anxiety and mood problems, and create the lasting confidence you need to reclaim a rich, meaningful and satisfying life.  I help my clients overcome psychological, emotional and practical barriers to the relationships, careers and personal lives they want.

My career has been spent helping high performers build lasting resilience to adapt and succeed in the most high risk and demanding environments, where peak performance is essential.

I’ve helped successful people including Military Officers, CEOs and Olympic Athletes develop real emotional and psychological flexibility to manage the stresses of their roles and to continue to succeed in their relationships with their partners, children, friends and families.

Now, I continue to work with people to build the resilience, confidence and psychological flexibility you need to succeed in all areas of your life. 

Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, anger or depression, have difficulty balancing your drive to succeed with your personal commitments or are struggling to build the meaningful relationships you want , I will help you drop the distress, discover the things that are truly important to you and commit to moving consistently towards them.


Expert evidence based psychological therapy to reduce distress, gain confidence and reconnect you with a meaningful life.

Clinical Supervision

I provide Clinical Supervision to healthcare professionals in CBT & ACT help you improve precision and effectiveness in your interventions


My blog with helpful tips to help you  understand and manage your thoughts and feelings in a complex world.