Consciously Transform Your Life

Does happiness always feel just out of reach?
Do you struggle with unwanted thoughts & feelings?
Do you want to overcome stress, anxiety or mood problems?
Do you want to thrive in your career, relationships, & personal life?
Do you want to learn proven strategies to create a life of meaning, purpose & vitality?

Who I am

I’m Christian, Psychotherapist and Former British Army & Senior NHS Clinician. I work with people to drop distress, overcome stress, anxiety and mood problems, and to create the lasting confidence you need to reclaim a rich, meaningful and satisfying life.

My career has been spent helping high performers build lasting resilience to adapt and succeed in the most high risk and demanding environments, where peak performance is essential.

I’ve helped successful people including Military Officers, CEOs and Olympic Athletes develop real emotional and psychological flexibility to manage the stresses of their roles and to continue to succeed in their relationships with their partners, children, friends and families.



Expand Your Limits, Transform Your life

Life can be tricky and there are times when we all get stuck and struggle to find a way out on our own. We all have ways that we understand ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings, often learned in childhood but also throughout life, that may have worked for us at one time but that lead to plateaus in our functioning and limit our satisfaction in life.  They can cause us to get stuck in our stress, anxiety and unhappiness as the tools that seemed to work for us in other areas of life, or at other times, begin to fail or actually make things worse. Our relationships with our partners, children, friends and colleagues can all suffer taking us away from what matters most to us in life.

Stress & anxiety are normal human responses to life’s difficulties but the ways we have been taught to respond to our thoughts and feelings can actually cause us to get stuck doing things that simply do not work and hold us back from living the full lives we want.  My role is to help you free yourself from outdated thinking and change behaviours that no longer serve you. To move you towards the things that matter most to you by building the skills and understanding you need to transform your life to one of meaning and satisfaction.

 Whether you use the term counselling, psychotherapy or coaching the core of my work is help you understand what is keeping you stuck and to make the practical changes, in the here and now, that will allow you to, not only overcome difficult thoughts and feelings, but to start moving forward with your life in meaningful, productive and satisfying ways.  My approach is built on a deep understanding of research proven, cutting edge science, based on newer forms of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), that will help you make real lasting changes to how you think, feel and act in your life and break the unhelpful cycles that keep you stuck. 

It is possible to transform not just the way you feel, but the way you live, with the right tools.  

As a wise person once said, 

“if you want something you’ve never had, you need to be willing to do something you’ve never done before”  

My job is to help you do that as quickly and effectively as possible

Learn to feel...better

New ways to deal with thoughts, feelings, drop distress and overcome mental blocks to the life you want to feel, think and act.


Unwanted thoughts and feelings. 
Anxiety, stress, anger & irritation
Low mood & self-criticism
Low self-esteem
Lack of purpose & motivation


Lasting happiness
Connection to purpose
Genuine confidence
Improved relationships
Inner calm & emotional resilience
The ability to do what matters most to you

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