Christian Hughes
Behavioural Psychology & Radical Happiness Specialist.

about Christian

Christian is a former Military Mental Health Clinician and Psychological Therapist specialising in helping people overcome unwanted thoughts and feelings through the development of Psychological Flexibility & Radical Happiness – an approached based on research proven skills & practices that enables people to move past difficulties like anxiety, depression & mental blocks to create the satisfying, vital and meaningful lives they want.

Radical Happiness

Everything You've Been Taught About Happiness is Wrong

Radical Happiness is the result of cutting edge behavioural & evolutionary psychology & neuroscience which have shown us, what many of us have learned through experience, that much of what we do to feel happy just doesn’t work. In fact much of what we do actually makes us less happy!

Radical Happiness takes what we think we know about dealing with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings and  achieving happiness and gives you a radical alternative.  Using research proven skills and practices to change your relationship to your mind, to access inner calm and to build authentic, lasting happiness from the inside out.  

Radical Happiness could change your life if…

  • You feel like you’re simply existing but not fully living
  • Your mind feels busy on always on.
  • You feel like you’re just going through the motions.
  • You feel stuck in a rut
  • You ever feel overwhelmed
  • You struggle to feel excited 
  • You lack motivation.
  • Happiness feels always out of reach
  • You’ve tried everything but still feel stuck


If you’re ready to stop struggling and to start living then radical happiness is within your reach.


How I can Help You

The Radical Happiness Plan

The Flagship Online Course to help you learn everything you need to build authentic happiness from the inside out

One to One

Work with Christian & overcome the emotional and psychological blocks to a life of meaning, satisfaction & lasting happiness.

The Radical Happiness Plan

The 8 Week Plan to Authentic Happiness

Why We Struggle

Learn how our minds have evolved to struggle & how much of what we are taught about happiness actually gets us stuck.

Learn the science behind real, authentic & lasting happiness


Drop The Distress

Discover the way we have been taught to respond to our difficult thoughts and feelings actually causes our distress.

Learn research proven strategies for taking the distress out of our most thoughts and feelings

Change Unworkable Thinking Patterns

Recognise your unworkable thinking patterns and learn how to step out of processes like rumination, worry, self-criticism.  

Find What's Keeping You Stuck

Learn how to overcome difficulties like anxiety or self doubt and to recognise when your behaviour isn’t working even if your mind tells it it should.

Mindfulness, Inner Calm & Focus

Learn proven mindfulness skills to increase focus, develop inner calm and bring your mind to the present moment to fully engage with the things that matter to you.


Learn to treat yourself with kindness & compassion to enhance your resilience in difficult moments and improve your relationships with those who matter to you.

Discover Your Inner Compass

Discover how to identify what truly matters you and how to bring your actions in to alignment with your values even when things feel difficult or painful

Start your journey now

One to One

BABCP Accredited Behavioural Psychological Therapy

Work one to one with Christian to identify and overcome unworkable patterns of thinking and behaviour. Using cutting edge, research proven skills, techniques and practices you can step out of stress, anxiety & mood problems to develop inner calm, lasting authentic happiness and start living and feeling the way you want to when you want to.  

Many people struggle for too long thinking that genuine change isn’t possible for them. That they are stuck with their difficulties like, stress, anxiety, lack of confidence or mood problems.  They keep doing what they’ve been taught should work and find they keep getting the same results. Eventually they start to think that maybe there is something wrong with them when the truth is they haven’t been shown how to make the changes they want.  

The real problem is often…

  • They don’t know the real causes of their distress or what is keeping them stuck
  • The strategies they are using don’t just not work, they actually make the problem worse
  • They get stuck doing the same thing and getting the same results.
The good news is that real change is possible.  I can help you learn new ways to step out of your struggle, drop the mental blocks getting in your way and develop new vitality connected to the things that matter most to you with the ability to access inner calm and build lasting, authentic radical happiness. I’ve helped countless people from diverse backgrounds from military personnel who perform in high risk & high stress environments to elite athletes needing to improve their focus, through to CEOs wanting to gain the flexibility to overcome burnout and improve their performance who have changed their lives as a result.

People come to me to reduce their distress and leave connected to a life of radical happiness filled with meaning, vitality and satisfaction.

If you’re ready to make the change & start living fully, then get in touch.



Deep Understanding

Gain a deep understanding of your difficulties and how they’re being maintained. 

Discover how many of the things you’ve been taught to do are actually part of the problem before learning what really works.

Learn What Works

Discover what science tells works and how to apply it to your own life to achieve the changes you want. 

Take Action

We won’t just talk about changing your life, we will do it from the beginning of our work together.  Every step of our work together is a step towards the changes you want to make and the life you want to be living

Pay As You Go - £195 per 60min session.

Gain the deep understanding of your difficulties and start making real change from the first session. 

All sessions are delivered securely online.   

3 Months One to One. 12 sessions - £2100, 10% saving!

Book 12 sessions together and as well as cutting edge psychology to help you achieve radical change you’ll gain the advantage of daily email contact to keep you on track.

All sessions are delivered securely online.

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